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How Does Union City Compare to Other Alameda County Cities in Local Taxes? 

 Allocation of 1% Property Tax

Source: http://acgov.org/auditor/tax/


*ERAF stands for “educational revenue augmentation funds”, which is a specified allocation that of city, county and other local agency property taxes that are deposited into these funds to support schools throughout California. More information on ERAF can be found here: http://www.californiacityfinance.com/ERAFfacts.pdf

**Each household pays 1% of the house’s assessed value to property tax each year. This chart indicates which county, state and local agencies receive that tax money. 



Tax Burden Per Capita in All Alameda County Cities

 Tax Burden Per Capita (Alameda County)

Source: http://www.californiacityfinance.com

  1. City share of 1% Ad Valorem property tax
  2. The add-on sales tax rate is ½%
  3. San Leandro increased its add-on sales tax rate from ¼% to ½% in FY 14-15
  4. Hayward established an add-on sales tax rate of ½% in FY 14-15



Existing City Tax Measures in All Alameda County Cities

 City Taxes

Source: www.calforniacityfinance.com

  1. Albany has three parcel taxes
  2. Berkeley has three parcel taxes
  3. Oakland has two parcel taxes
  4. Union City has two parcel taxes

*Measure QQ will be placed on the ballot this November as an extension to the current Measure UU, which expires in June 2017. More information can be found here: www.unioncity.org/measureqq



Approximate Tax Burden for a Single Family Home with an Assessed Value of $750,000 for all Alameda County Cities

 Tax burden on representative $750,000 house

  1. Countywide tax of 1%
  2. City Debt Service and City Special Taxes. City Special Taxes excludes fee for service charges
  3. Schools Debt Service and Schools Special Taxes
  4. All other Agencies Debt Service and all other Agencies Special Taxes

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