City-HallThe Administrative Services Department (ASD) includes several programs that provide a variety of services to the City. Through these various divisions, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management, and Budget & Financial Analysis, ASD strives to maintain the City’s economic stability in concert with City Management and Council Strategies.

The Administration division handles issues related to budgeting, long-range financial planning & analysis, risk management, debt financings, strategic planning, and management of the department.

The Information Technology (IT) division maintains the City’s computer operations, provides personal computer and software support, and manages the City’s e-mail, phone and wireless communication systems.

The Finance division is responsible for accounts payable, payroll, licensing and cashiering and financial reporting. This division also is in charge of treasury and debt management.

The Central Service division handles mail delivery and printing services to other City departments as well as the purchasing of basic supplies for general use.

The Human Resources division handles the recruitment of new employees, updates and maintains the records of current employees, processes the benefits for both current and former employees, manages the City’s Workers Compensation Program, and prepares Compensation Analysis of all positions in the City.