Off Street Metered Parking

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bart-parking-240Effective January 2, 2015

Parking in Lot 1 & 2, located at Decoto Road and 11th Street, are the City's Pay-by-Space Parking Lots. The cost is $0.50 per hour with a daily $4.00 maximum. This is the most economical parking for those that use BART for shopping, medical appointments, to attend concerts or sporting events, for part-time employment, or for anyone that uses BART occasionally.

Pay-by-Space Parking

P14hotlineMake a note of space number where you park

P14Go to parking machine and touch any button

P14Enter number of your parking space

P14Pay with quarters, dollar coins, Master Card, VISA, or Discovery cards.

P14After paying, take receipt and you're done!
There is no need to display the receipt in your vehicle.