Why Paid Parking

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As use of the Union City BART station has grown, BART customer parking demand has increased. In July 2009, BART instituted 100% paid parking at the Union City BART Station and is eliminating free parking at all BART stations in the system.

Commuter parking has overflowed into Union City residential and retail areas adjacent to the BART station. To meet the increased parking demand, Union City has created two parking lots, established parking permits and payment machines, and created a parking enforcement unit.

These additional services were created to provide sufficient parking for BART commuters and to ensure that BART parking did not negatively impact resident and businesses close to the BART station. Establishing low-cost parking fees for BART-related parking will enable Union City to recoup the costs of building and maintaining parking lots.

The parking meter program will ensure that low cost short-term parking is available for apartment residents and guests. Residents and guests can park up to two hours for free on City streets requiring an Area S Parking Permit.

Options for Paid Parking at Union City Station District

Quarterly Permits for BART Commuters

why-paid-permit-110BART commuters are encouraged to purchase a $120 quarterly parking permit. Commuter may use the permit to park in City Parking Lot 2, 12th Street, J Street & J Street Lot, Meyers Drive, and north bound Alvarado-Niles Road. Quarterly parking permits are convenient to use and BART patrons avoid paying parking fees every day. Parking permits may be purchased online.


Pay by Space Parking Meters for Occasional BART User - Effective January 2, 2015

pay-and-display-110Parking Lots 1 & 2 have Pay by Space meters, $0.50 an hour with $4.00 a day maximum. Patrons punch the number of their parking space into the parking meter. Payment may be made by coin, credit card, or debit card. Parking Lots 1 & 2 are for the occasional BART user. Persons wishing to go to the airport can pay in advance and park up to two weeks. This option for airport parking is much less than Oakland or San Francisco airport parking. Paid parking in enforced 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Parking is free on the weekends and evenings.

Pay and Display Parking Meters for Short Term Parking

pay-and-display100Visitors to Avalon Bay apartments and the Veranda apartments can park on Union Square for $0.50 an hour, Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 8 pm. Patrons can purchase from one to twelve hours of parking, print a receipt and display the receipt on the dash board. Payment may be made by coin, credit card, or debit card. Pay and Display parking meters are also available on 11th Street to accommodate patrons of the future retail center and residential units.

Station Center Parking - Effective January 2, 2015

Stn-Center-Parking-100Public parking is available in the Station Center parking garage. The entrance to the Station Center garage is on Cheeves Way. This the best place to park for visitors to the Station Center apartments and retail stores. The Station Center parking garage is open 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, seven days a week. The cost of the parking is $0.50 an hour, or $3 per 24-hour period. Station Center residents and retail employees may purchase an Area M Parking Permit for $120 per calendar quarter. Parking is enforced seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

BART Parking Lots

bart-logoBART operates a parking lot the west side of the Union City BART Station entrance. A portion of the BART lot is reserved for BART parking permit holders during morning commute hours. The rest of the spaces in the BART lot may be purchased at a daily rate. For more information go to the the BART Parking Website.

2 Hour Limited Free Parking

People may park on Meyers Drive, J Street, north and south bound Alvarado-Niles Road for up to two hours without a Parking Permit, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are no parking restrictions nights and weekends.