AlvaLawnThe mission of Union City’s Public Works Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Union City by providing quality services through the design, construction and maintenance of city-owned infrastructure and facilities and local transit/paratransit transportation needs.

The Public Works Department consists of five areas of responsibility: engineering, street maintenance, building and grounds (parks) maintenance, fuel and fleet maintenance, and local transit.

The Engineering Division is responsible for the engineering and management of capital improvement projects and the approval of private development as it impacts the city right-of-way and city property. The division is also responsible for the citywide clean water program.

The Maintenance Divisions includes Street - maintenance of street pavement and accessory/furniture, street sweeping and storm drain system; Building & Grounds - landscaping of city parks, street tree and median, sound wall/retaining wall; building and facilities; Garage - fuel management and vehicle/equipment maintenance.

The Union City Transit provides local bus system with connections with BART trains, AC Transit, and the Dumbarton Express to areas outside the city.