Intermodal Station Phase I & II Projects

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Union City BART Station Improvements

IntermodalArtistRenderIn mid 2007, the City and BART began construction of the Intermodal Station Phase I project with the goal to modify the Union City BART Station to allow eventual integration of a future commuter rail station, reconfigure the existing BART parking lot to improve access for all modes of transportation such as pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and automobiles and to better adapt the existing 14-acre BART site for future Transit Orient Development (TOD). The Phase I project is complete and the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate this fact was held on Dec. 2, 2010 which was attended by over 150 guests including dignitaries, elected officials, private developers and funding agencies, etc.

Highlights of the Phase I project included:

  • Modifying the BART Station building for better circulation and integrating to a future “free pass-through” to eventually link the BART Station to a future commuter rail station to be located adjacent to and on the east side of the BART Station.
  • Creating a new compact 16-bus bay transit facility by moving buses closer to the front door of BART that includes a transit canopy shelter structure, a driver’s facility and new bike facilities.
  • Improving the existing BART parking lot for better circulation and access for pedestrians, bikes, vehicles and transit with more entries/exits on Union Square as well as constructing Station Way, a new connection linking the BART station to Decoto Road.
  • Installing bicycle lanes on both sides of Union Square to better serve BART commuters. Union Square is the main public street that serves BART Station.
  • Installing a new traffic signal at Union Square at its intersection with the new entrance to BART Station, including bicycle loops and pedestrian signals, etc.

Phase II of the Intermodal Station Project will consisted of making further improvements within the station building and on its east side in anticipation of future expansions of the BART Station and to establish a pedestrian connection with the City’s TOD development. This phase is expected to be completed in late 2016.

This regional transportation project is funded by Alameda CTC’s Measure B Program, the Governors’ Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP), the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), the State - Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program, MTC’s Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) Program, an AC-Transit FTA Grant, the federal SAFETEA-LU Program and the City’s Redevelopment Agency.


For more information on the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s Measure B Program, please go to