The Street Maintenance Division of the City of Union City handles issues ranging from street repair to street sweeping.

Please call if you need assistance or would like information on the following:

  • Storm drain inlets are inspected/cleaned once a year. Please call if you feel an additional cleaning may be necessary.
  • Flooded streets
  • Street traffic signs needing repair or replacement
  • Pavement marking needing maintenance, i.e. STOP or SCHOOL legends, double yellow center lines, bike lanes, etc.
  • Pot holes that present immediate hazards or concerns
  • Street sweeping - City streets are swept twice a month.
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Illegal dumping in public right-of-way
  • Administration of work furlough program. This is about 10,400 hours a year of labor from our court system.

 Did You Know?

  • Union City has the 2nd highest pavement condition index in Alameda County (2nd to Dublin). The City’s Streets Division is a dedicated team that has managed to accomplish this rating even though they are only a crew of 12 workers.
  • Thanks to Union City residents who passed Measure B and Measure BB, the Streets Division has sufficient funds for street and infrastructure projects through a half-cent sales tax collected as a revenue. We are able to double our services based on these additional funds.
  • $1-2 million is spent annually on overlays (resurfacing) and slurry seals (protectant layer) on our streets to keep them in great shape.